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Its been a rollercoaster couple of days for me. While networking in the offline world it leaves little time to dedicate to online pursuits. I am still working to find balance and not let frustration take over. I have compiled a list of blog directories with good PageRank. I will post the list for my next lesson. Alot of people like the interface and simplicty of blogs so I would like to cater to that.
Before I go I would like to let you all in some big news. I have become the Co-Admin of MyBuxNetworks

The Network is currently being overhauled and optimized and I have bought new ideas and strategies to get the exposure and content that the Network needs for its membership base.

While the network of PTC sites has recently been mired in accusations of scam and mis-management, let me assure you right now that Rodney (the Admin and founder) has tried his best and was happy to let me in to turn the situation around, and actively improve the service to both members and advertisers.

You need not worry, I will still be posting here daily and I will be keeping you guys, my followers and subscribers, up-to-date with monetization tips and let you know how things are going with my joint venture as Co-Admin. After six months of trial and error, testing advertising mediums predominantly at MyBux Networks, I can positively attribute my downlines in a few traffic exchanges to banner advertising, which is now on a rotator system.

I strongly recommend grabbing a fixed link to aquire the banner bonus thrown in for free to test the system. Remember alot of promotions you see and are maybe involved in on traffic exchanges sometimes dont get exposed to the PTC community. If you feel you want to run a promotion remember to contact me if you need advice on how to best promote your site/blog/affiliate link in the MyBuxNetworks

The network consists of four PTC sites. Two are scheduled for overhaul, maintenance and optimization, however there are two available to register with and earn. Feel free to register below :) I will also include direct links to the advertising hubs of both sites so you can inspect the packages on offer. Thanks for your time. See you next post.

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