Okay, lets get onto backlinks. Basically put, backlinks are links back to your website from other website. Many search engines, including Google, use number of backlinks when they index sites as part of their algorithm for search results. But it is important to have relevent backlinks to generate incoming traffic to whatever niche you are promoting on your blog or website.

A great free tool I use is Professional Link Building

Get in for your free account and access their effective free service. You can exchange links with other users with relevent content to increase targeted traffic to your site, which is the best sort of traffic to recieve.

Also you have access to a Website Analysis Tool, and this is a gem for those that want to keep tabs on their SEO, and that should be you! I will give you my stats for one of my websites, generated from this tool and current as of when I make this post.


Website Analysis Report for: http://www.ezybux4u.com/

Page Ranking Analysis:
Google PageRank: 0
Backlinks from Major Search Engines:
Google: 1
Yahoo: 0
MSN: 0
AllTheWeb: 717
AltaVista: 721
Total number of backlinks: 1,439

Alexa Traffic Ranking: 2,773,987

The Estimated Value of This Website Based on Available Metrics is: $256


This gives me a reasonable stance, however I am now focused on increasing my Google PageRank. I will cover this in my next daily post and a special review on SEOPresto for my readers.
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