Okay back to Professional Link Building and its Website Evaluation Tool. By being able to see the PageRank of the site you query (you can query any website in the world) its allows you to decide whether getting a linkback is worthwhile. If the site holds a higher PageRank than your own sites, than a backlink will help improve your own PageRank. Why is this? Read on.

The Google PageRank system is like a popularity rank and a site linking to a lower rank site 'rubs off' some of its own PR and gives your site a boost in the Google SE. This process takes time and usually only works with a site with related content to your own, it must appear to be a 'nutural' backlink, not a paid one.

Multiple links of higher PR builds PR significantly better. Naturally newbies should approach this with caution and to get a successful result, a professional third party is the best solution. If you want to 'short-cut' getting your ranking and can afford to invest into your websites success, or blog of course, than check out ISellPageRank and purchase your desired level backlink. The site is very informative and gives you a complete run-down on their professional service.

Although I also know that newbies can ill afford to invest alot of money there is a budget solution that I used myself for SEO, because of the time involved (and I have to use my time as efficiently as possible mind you) I opted for a Basic SEO pack from SEOPresto. I have a testimonial on the site as well click here to see it. The Basic pack is $35 USD but it was worth every cent. Its incredible results makes me biased I admit, but top ranking with 125 Search Engines has produced hits and as a result I have gained a Google backlink, which is of course the best standard backlink you can get. It means Google thinks your content carries value.

Hope this hasn't been too much to absorb, I will be posting again about the same time tomorrow. My next post will be on backlinks, but using another great tool. More tomorrow :)
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