Hi guys. Its time to look at backlinks and more free ways to generate more. Firstly you must know by now how important Social Networking has become. These include FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more.

Get signed up to these free social networks and promote your links by sharing them. Posting backlinks in this fashion helps to achieve quicker and more effective indexing of your site, as well as creating more backlinks, from potentially high traffic areas, that also have may users looking for content. Its free traffic as well as building a backlink. Just remember not to spam your links, as it is seen as immature, and will be penalised for search engine traffic.

Also another great place to get good quality free backlinks is with a signature at a Forum, preferrably a high traffic one, to improve the quality of the backlink. Join Forums that you can post relevent content to and have your website(s) that you promote in your signature. With regular posting your urls i your signature are getting posted in a format that isnt spam. It can create free traffic as well from Forum users doing clickthroughs on your links.

While I'm posting I would also like to recommend a free power-user tool that I have started using, and it is such a timesaver! When you can automate mundane tasks, like signing in and out of all your social networks and e-mail accounts there is nothing better than Digsby to help make it a painless approach.

You crate a free Digsby account, download your Digsby and setup the logins for all your associated social netwoks and email accounts (like Hotmail, GMail and others). When you sign into Digsby through your app you can check up on incoming messages in your setup email accounts and status/posts on your Social Networks. Absolute gold. The best things in life are free!

My next post is going to go in another direction, towards a focused look on what has become one of the most reliable real income source with no outlay, as well as being a potentially reasonable investment and residual income if you choose to make it that way. Till then, thanks for reading.
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