Hi guys, very sorry I couldn't provide a solid post last night, but I think the news I have for you, my good readers, is I have found two excellent free traffic exchanges, and one of them is specifically for blogs!

BlogClicker is tailored to the display of Blogs, so the users are more targeted for Blog content. This as an end result can get you a larger following and subscriptions to posts. Keep your eye out for another update soon in regards to the effectiveness of this exchange. I am considering an upgrade to Gold Member as a test of benefits versus delivered results.

Another incredible up and coming traffic exchange is RevolutionaryTraffic and now really is the best time to get in and referring members. Be at the starting point and build up huge residuals as a standard member. There is also a paid surf, 210 pages at 10 seconds, will net a standard member 50 cents and that is the limit.

What I have done to optimize my position with this traffic exchange has been to upgrade to Site Partner (top level) for $10 a month. The benefits of upgrading are immense! To start 7500 full view credits a month. Next is the 8 second timer rather than 10, means more in less time and in the online earning game, time is money!

My ever expanding promotions internet wide with this is further incentivized by having a paid to promote page as a Partner. You also get random referrals (I've had two in the last 24 hours) and a higher surf payment. You get $1 at 210 pages surfed (at 8-second timer) and can keep going to 420 and make another $1. Oh did I mention the 1:2 ratio, even quicker accural of credits, which when this sites memberbase gets even bigger it will allow you to get alot of traffic to all your site. And what I like is that 5 days of surfing 420 pages nets me alot of traffic and pays the months subscription off, making the rest of the surf cash profit.

Also as a Site Partner you receive a webhosting account and 500Mb storage, thats another bonus for me because I plan to start launching some niche content sites in the next month. My father in law wants to sell silverware, so I'm going to get a site up for promotions and linking to my ebay to auction his items. Hes being very generous with full 50% commission on profit I make for him. My god, the project list is getting very big, but I love it.

See you next post guys, I'm not sure what my next focus will be on.
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