Thanks to our latest follower, Rodney for joining Tims Internet Cashflow Blog.

Todays upcoming post, Lesson Three, will be made after I get home from work (yes I do work weekends) which will be in approximately 8 hours from this post. It will focus on backlinks for beginners, as well as a link to my favourite free online tool for not only exchanging links, but to examine your online presence at a glance.

Analyzing your statistics allows you to see what promotions you are doing are actually having a positive effect. I will also be posting a link to a power user tool that can integrate your social networks, email and IM. This will all be combined with Lessons relating to time management, which when you are in my shoes, or the shoes of others I network with online, is critical to success.

You see because I work full-time 6 days a week, and have a wife and two kids, I must carefully balance my time investment to my sites and blogs, to make sure I have time for my family and friends. When I get to Time Management not only will I be giving some power user tips, but I will submit my pro-rata schedule that I follow for my own success.

Thanks for reading, see you next post :)
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