Hi readers. Okay if you have made a blog great. You are putting in fresh content daily, even better. You can start sending traffic from exchanges or purchase advertising. But what you really need is free targeted traffic, or search engine traffic.

You probably have some good keywords and labels with your content, but you have to remember how many others are competing with the same things. To add strength to your listing in search engines, we need to bring our friend PageRank back into play.

There are several free to submit blog directories online that have a PageRank of 2 upto 6. By submitting your blog url to these directories you will have your own PageRank eventually improved by a combination of traffic and linking. These directories can also be another good source of free targeted traffic.

So get on board guys and gals, get submitted, links and PageRank are below:

PageRank 6 Bloggapedia
PageRank 5 Bloglisting
PageRank 5 TotalBlogDirectory
PageRank 4 SuperBlogDirectory
PageRank 3 LSBlogs
PageRank 3 BloggerHQ
PageRank 3 BloggingFusion
PageRank 2 BloggerSites
PageRank 2 WhatsReallyReal

There are other directories, which will serve as backlinks for SEO purposes, but does not have a decent PageRank to offset, but every backlink is vital, it is part of Google's algorithm after all.

PageRank 0 BlogsNBlogs
PageRank 0 BloggersDir

Hope this information helps. Not sure what my next post will entail, you'll just have to wait and see. Thanks for reading, see you next post.
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