Hi again, todays post is based on two hours of testing page ranks of major (well-linked and alexa ranked) directories for the blogger niche.

The PageRank of the following directories has been manually confirmed earlier. Submit your url to these even higher PR directories. Trust me this works. I register with two a day at the moment, so my backlinking is 'natural' building process, and not a sudden dump of backlinks. I know you are very eager to get ranked and boost your SEO quick, but I have an old saying for you that sums this up, its a marketers saying:

"Wit and patience is gold, spite and haste is brass". This refers to attitude. Be calm and friendly and patient, you get rewarded with gold coins (ie good online earnings) and getting cranky and rushing with result in brass (little or no online earnings). Its a good thing to keep tucked away in your mind :)

Page Rank 2 YourWebLogHere

Page Rank 3 BlogUniverse

Page Rank 4 BlogFlux
Page Rank 4 BlogSearchEngine
Rage Rank 4 LSBlogs
Page Rank 4 BlogRankings
Page Rank 4 Bloggernity

Page Rank 5 Syndic8

Page Rank 6 EatonWeb
Page Rank 6 BlogDigger
Page Rank 6 BlogCatalog
Page Rank 6 2RSS
Page Rank 6 PubSub
Page Rank 6 BlogMatrix
Page Rank 6 BlogDex
Page Rank 6 BlogCritics
Page Rank 6 WeblogAlot

Page Rank 7 GlobeOfBlogs
Page Rank 7 BlogStreet

Page Rank 9 BlogLines
Page Rank 9 Technorati

Page Rank 10! BlogWise (consider this your pinnacle backlink, it will be my last submission)

Make this part of your blog SEO strategy now. Two or three submissions a day till all done. Remember it can take a week or two for all backlinks to be indexed.

Next post a focused look at my two favourite traffic exchanges, EasyHits4U and TrafficEra. Thanks for reading, see you next post
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