Yes readers thats right I'm stumbling, right into StumbleUpon. This is one social bookmark experience that I found very intuitive, and had a good feel to it. StumbleUpon overall has got all the features that a social bookmarking site needs, from the already mentioned intuitive interface, its easy to navigate and allows you to socialise with other members, you can add them as friends and such.

Because I seem to be almost obsessive compulsive about SEO lately, I had to look into the sites vital stats:

Google PageRank: 8
AllTheWeb Backlinks: 351,000
AltaVista Backlinks: 410,000
Alexa Rank: 356

As you can probably notice its a very high ranked site, so its backlinks carry weight. When getting your SEO sorted. Build up some friends on the network, and get traffic to your bookmarked sites.

I plan to sign up and report on Reddit tomorrow. And I will be sure to report its standing as well, and I will look back into Digg and Delicious for their standing for comparitive analysis, and how well it would benchmark the backlinks overall strength.

Thanks for checking in everyone. See you next post. Before I go I would like to welcome my  latest Blog Follower, thats five now :)
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