Here we are again, its come time now to look at natural and artificial link structure.

The only and most important aspect in the search engine optimization process is building hight-quality as well as natural looking links to your site/blog. This is the only way to improve your page rankings for a long-term period. The more incomeing links the page has, the more popular it is with the search engines. Artificial link structure can be penalised or ignored by search engines, rendering alot of time (and sometimes expense) to waste.

Natural Links
  • Anchor text varies
  • Grow in number gradually
  • Tend not to be reciprocal
  • If the site exchanges links, the point o reputable sites/blogs only
Artificial Links
  • Anchor text is the same
  • Appear in great number suddenly
  • Many are reciprocal
  • The site/blog links to link farms, or web rings, or isolated nodes
From a search engine's point of view, the best links are unrequested ones. The search engines tend to assign a higher ranking to the pages that people voluntary linked to because they found the content great and informative and not because the webmaster worked hard to swap links.

Titles, Keyword and Description

Before submitting your site/blog to directories or search engines, make sure you have recorded your titles, keywords and descriptions. You should have about 3 -5 titles. They will become the anchor text for your link. The anchor text is important because it is used by search engines to determine how your link is relevant to search terms. Be aware that it seems suspicious to search engines if your anchor texy is exactly the same for all your links. To look natural, your anchor text should vary from submission to submission. Tend to use your top words in the titles. Avoid pure advertising words like "the best" or "world's leading" in thee tthe titles. Don not write the titles in ALL CAPS.

Create at least 3 different keyword lists; they can contain the same keywords, simply re-ordered. Make sure you have some long tail keyword combination in the keyword list ( a long tail is a keyword set with 3 or more words). Write one or two concise descriptions for your link. Variability in the descriptions is not as important as in the title, since only the title will be used as the anchor text for your link.

Check and recheck the spelling of all your text, including your links. Make sure you have tested any URLs you are using to fill out forms than always use copy and past to fill out any forms so that errors do not creep into the submission process.

Thanks for reading, next post we look into Website Content and Structure and submission tips for your link building strategy. See you then, my apologies for another delayed post, a mate from way back has been visiting and I have had alot of run-around to try and get the damage to my car repaired. So thanks all for checking none the less. Also I would like to extend a friendly hello and welcome to this Blog's latest follower, freemoneysite.
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