The Analyzer layer contains two parts: Keywords and Competition. Both play an equally important part in discovering what needs to be on your website to rank #1 on the major search engines.

The Importance of Keywords

Keywords are like puzzle pieces to the search engines, every word used on a webpage contributes to the big picture of what a site is all about. Used in the appropriate densities, it is these keywords that will ultimately determine how many people you can reach through the search engines.

Users type in keywords in the Search field to find what they are looking for. The search engine then reaches into its database to find the most relevant result. Relevant results are driven by different factors, mainly by keywords, but also by traffic and the number of links pointing in from external websites. Getting the Right Keywords is Everything.

So how do you know which keywords get searched for the most? There are literally hundreds of Keyword Analyzers on the Web. Only one has passed the test of time and to-date recognized as the authority on keyword searches: WordTracker. I like them because their database spans 120 days, not just a single month like some others. Another reason I recommend WordTracker is because of the results you generate from running queries on their database. The results return a Keyword Effective Index (KEI) that not only calculates the number of estimated searches, but also includes competition numbers in the calculation. In other words, Number of Searches / Number of Competing Websites = KEI.

Your Competition Can Run, but They Can’t Hide

There are several things we are going to need to analyze when it comes to competitor websites, but as with any project there is a specific sequencing you’re going to need to follow in order to achieve quality results. Here is an outline of the tasks and sequence, which I will elaborate on in a moment:

1. Obtain a hefty list of potential keywords using a Keyword Analyzer.
2. Perform searches to see who is in the top 5 results.
3. List the competitors in the top 5 of your most valuable keyword searches.
4. Run a backlink check to count inbound links and to find out what keywords they are targeting.
5. List any keywords you discover that weren’t tested in the Keyword Analyzer.
6. Analyze the top competitor sites using an SEO Best Practices List.
7. List the best practices and keyword densities used by your competitors. (we’ll revisit this item later as well).

When you’re done, you’ll know what keywords to use. You’ll know which competitors you’ll be competing against and where they stand in the search engine results. I know this seems like a lot of work, and take it from me, it’s worth every minute.

There are tools available that perform ALL of the 7 items above and could save you hundreds of hours. Regardless of what you think you are worth per hour, it is definitely worth the investment to chip in for one of these all-in-one applications.

Analyzing Backlinks

Item 4 above (running backlink checks) involves using simple or sophisticated software to run queries on the major search engines. These queries return results that include how many external web pages are linking to the competitor, what keywords are used in the actual text of the links, what PageRank the inbound links come from, what keywords are in the title of the page holding the inbound links, and more.

The Proof is in the Searching

To fully appreciate the value of the backlinks, perform a search on Google for the phrase “click here”. Notice that Adobe’s download page is the first result. Yet, nowhere on the page is there any text containing the phrase “click here”. So how do you explain the phenomenon? With backlinks, that’s how. Use your Backlink Analyzer to see how many sites use the words “click here” in their link text.

This concludes todays post, I hope you have found it helpful. Tomorrow we go into SEO Optimize procedures. Have a great day everybody, and thanks for reading.
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