Hi readers and followers. Today I want to share with you a model view of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is broken into 4 steps: Analyze, Optimize, Develop and Promote.

Pretty simple isn’t it? It’s easy to compare this model to the Project Management model, which normally includes planning, pre-design, design, development, testing and hypercare. Only these layers work synergistically, each fully dependent on the others. By Analyze, we are referring to time spent on evaluating keywords and peeking in on your competitor’s game book, which includes performing backlink checks on competitor websites.

To Optimize is to design a website that guides the search engines to topic-discovery, rather than having the search engines make their own guess about what your site is about. This layer involves a handful of common SEO Best Practices and a few tricks I’ve learned over time that definitely make a difference.

Developing a webpage is only free when you have the time to add mass amounts of content via the SEO Best Practices of the Optimize Layer. We’ll discuss this in more detail, but other low-cost tools are available to boost ranking. A few of these tools include RSS (Really Simple Syndication), web forums, and blogs.

The last layer is the Promote Layer. It’s at this critical layer that you will get a few high-quality links pointing to your website.

In upcoming posts, we’ll talk in detail about each of these layers as they relate to Search Engine Optimization. So get psyched for the next post, when we tackle Step 1: Analyze. See you then guys and gals.
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