Regardless of how wonderful you have done on the first three layers, your website may still be isolated from the rest of the Web if you don’t spend any time on this last extremely important layer. The Promote Layer is about developing a strategy to drive a continuum of traffic to your website.

Web site promotion went from being a free exchange of links to being an unbelievably expensive industry. It use to only take a quick e-mail to get a link put up on someone else’s site. Everything was friendly back when the Internet first started taking off. Then came Google.

Don’t Get Lost in Internet Marketing

There are several thousand Internet marketing agencies out there that would love to take your money. They’ll brag about their “network” and their “reach” and entice you by showing you some of their big-wig clients. Don’t fall for it. Most of these companies will simply add a page for you on one or more of their websites, send out a quick online press release, possibly send a few thousand fake visits your way, and then tell you it’s not their fault that you’re not selling anything.

Develop a Strategy

Using Excel or MS Project, map out the phases of your Promotion Plan. Give yourself plenty of time, especially if you are an entrepreneur with a day job. My strategies all have durations of 6 months to 2 years depending on competition and client goals. Your strategy should include the mediums you plan to utilize (which we’ll discuss in the next few sections), the time you plan to spend on each phase, and the budget (if any) you plan to allocate for each phase.

  • Submit to directories (search previous posts in my blog related to this and/or refer to this link: Directory Maximizer) Thanks to Diego Nei for suggestion ;)
  • Paid High PR backlinks (this is if budget allows, I recommend: ISellPageRank
  • Post Where Your Competition Doesn't
  • Allow others to promote for you (Affiliate Program)
  • Send out monthly Press Releases (this helps to build branding and exposure of your one-way link with RSS feeds in some cases)
E-mail Marketing

If you’re not sending out e-mails to your customers or offering a free newsletter on your website, you’re losing out on potential traffic. With effective e-mail marketing, you’re only marketing to people who have asked to marketed to (it’s called Opt-In). In other words, they want you to send them information periodically. Think push versus pull.

Advertising Offline

When you advertise offline you’re touching a whole different market. Many people today aren’t very computer savvy; some have never even been to Google or By advertising offline, you’re influencing non-web users to try something new. My advice: offer a substantial discount in your offline ads, such as a free item. Also try the “register online to win” sweepstakes strategy. That seems to be a growing trend to get people to start using the Web.

I personally have one of my websites on my Honda Accords rear bar, done in white and fluro yellow vinyl. Direct traffic has soared from this affordable ($50AUS supply and fit) offline innvestment.


The Promotion Layer is the driving force behind the long-term effectiveness of your website, in regards to driving and sustaining traffic growth. There are many ways to promote your site, but by far the most effective is through link development with your keywords in the link text. Other mediums that also have an impact on residual promotion include e-mail marketing campaigns and distributing press releases.

This concludes my short basics on the Four Stage SEO model. Thank you to all my subscribers and Followers, I hope you have found this content useful for your own online endevours.
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