Hi readers. Sorry I didn't get the post up last night, my mouse decided to stop functioning, it was late so I thought I would leave posting and resume with a brand new mouse today :)

Okay, as you may already know I am investigating the positive effects on SEO made by posting links at Social bookmarking sites. I have already joined StumpleUpon, Digg, Delicious and last night (before the failed posting attempt) joined Reddit.

I have begun analysis already on the effectiveness of the links I have posted on these sites. I was blown away to discover that traffic to my automotive niche website Takks Customs has doubled, and the quality of the traffic is exceptional (or in other words the visitors are very targeted to my content at the site) and as a result my Adsense earnings are up approximately 15% on that site. The same trend has applied to this blog and my other domain, EzyBux4U.

One great thing I have noticede already about these sites is their "social" features. You can make friends on these sites and share your bookmarks, increasing their effectiveness as they are shared and saved to other profiles. This strengthens your overall link value. As a social bookmarking site contains Urls that are human submitted and moderated, they receive better treatment from the almighty Google. And if you make the process gradual it doesn't come across as spamming which is a plus.

To summarize, you will notice effects from your social bookmarking within a week. It might not be huge, but remember this is another free tactic, and other time it will have accrural benefit as part of your long-term SEO. Now onto the comparitive stats I promised last post:

Google PageRank: 8
AllTheWeb Backlinks: 2,830,000
AltaVista Backlinks: 4,710,000
Alexa Rank: 384

Google PageRank: 8
AllTheWeb Backlinks: 218,000
AltaVista Backlinks: 663,000
Alexa Rank: 1873

Google PageRank: 8
AllTheWeb Backlinks: 7,640,000
AltaVista Backlinks: 12,600,000
Alexa Rank: 178

As you can gather from the above statistics above, Digg by far is the strongest as far as backlinks volume and traffic rank is concerned. Ironically it was the first I registered and started posting links too, and yes also showed the first results in good traffic. If you havent already signed up at Digg I strongly recommend you jump on board now.

As always, I hope you find my data helpful, and I will see you all again at my next post tomorrow evening. Tomorrow's post will be of something different, I feel like telling you all about a very powerful program I have become a member of. Full review on it next post. For those of you that can't wait, visit TimothyAlbiez and sit back and watch the intro movie.

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