Welcome back everyone. Had an unusually good day at work today, and its bput me in a motivated mood tonight. So motivated that I have decided to stop procrastinating and start a Squidoo Lens

Creating a lens is maybe just a little bit more involved than creating a blog through Blogger, but trust me its very straigtforward. What has really amazed me about Squidoo is how it in itself is an awesome social network, the full potential of will surely be coming into the lime light soon. I'm going to promote this like crazy, it is such a good idea.

Squidoo has so many categories, from Books, Business (which I am using), News & Politics, Music and so much more. You really should check it out. If you are good at something or have something interesting to share with the world than a Squidoo lens may be your best outlet yet.

You can monetize as well with Squidoo widgets, and like a website or blog, can have SEO performed on it to improve your traffic. I a have started with my lens as a portal, and I will work on it more after executing some SEO procedures. I am going to force myself to go a new level on this project. I will not be sending any traffic to it from traffic exchanges or other paid links. I want all traffic to be targeted. Like this shameless link:

I have used some a popular keyword phrase as the title (surprised it wasn't taken already!) and other ones that generate the traffic that would have at least a 50% interest in the content. My next process, after posting this, will be starting directory submissions. My current list is other 1000 in size. And I don't want to bomb out Google or destroy my mind staying up for hours on end posting to them all. I will start with 10 - 15 a day, make it a natural build.

Thanks again for taking the time out to read, see you next post.
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