Hi readers. Before getting into my post (todays topic is on TrafficEra, a highly ranked and recommended free traffic exchange), I would like to welcome this Blogs latest follower, Diego, who has joined from MyBux Networks. I had the priviledge of giving him a free SEO analysis and offer targeted advice to help him with his blogs positioning.

I'd like to remind visitors to check status of the Digsby chat applet on the left hand side of the blog. If I am online I am always happy to speak one on one with my visitors, and offer you direct free advice, specific and relevant to your needs.

My first traffic exchange review is on TrafficEra

Owned by Logscape Technologies, TrafficEra is fast becoming very popular for new surfers and experienced marketers. The main key component of this exchange that puts it in my 'must be involved in' list is its social networking features.

At TrafficEra you can create and join teams, where you can surf with other members, chat, and participate in races to stop the SuperClock, which awards teams at the top of the surf with bulk time credits. Also the surf rewards consist of bonus credits while surfing, as well as getting clocks. When you have obtained ten clocks surfing you will be awarded with 5 tokens. These can be accumalated and spent at the unique 'marketplace'. Here members can exchange their tokens for bulk time credits and surf multipliers. You choose your frequent surder rewards at this excahnge :)

TrafficEra also boasts member profiles and the ability to network with other like minded people. Some of my best contacts (and online friends) have come through TrafficEra and its team talk and private message system. You can start discussions for member participation and have blog functions. Bloggers and fans of Twitter would probably develop a good affinity at TrafficEra

To summarize, you really should have TrafficEra as an integral part of your online promotions (of sites, blogs and ref links) to establish brand exposure, building a list, and provide good quality traffic thats always on the grow. Sign up now if you havent already and try their surf. It flows well and has effective anti-cheat mechanisms to keep the bot traffic out.

I've been having some trouble with my wisdom teeth of late, and at the moment they are causing me a fair bit of pain, so I'll log off now and bid my readers farewell, see you at the next post. Thanks for reading.
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