Great new program launched! Its called TipJoy and appears to be a very innovative way of giving and receiving 'tips'. You can use it even to have a fundraising campaign through twitter with customizable widgets. I've only just signed up and plan to set up another Twitter ID an manage a campaign of my own in the future for charitable purposes :)

Be sure to have a lot and come back and leave some comments on this thread, it would be great to have a discussion from the Followers and subscribers to this blog. Remember knowledge is power!

I am going to be setting up a new online business soon, focused on blog setup and maintenance, but more on that after I complete the business plan and launch a dedicated website for the service. To summarize it will be a Blogger blog maintained under my username and the client than sends their posts by email for me to put online. One-time setup fee will include a niche targeted template, any particular widgets required, and free on-going SEO (search engine optimization). The condition is I keep AdSense revenue from the blog. I have already started my first project, for my offline friend James Glaspy, author of Driver's Safety: Danger Spot and Speed Manual. Check his blog today Drivers Saftey Blog

Thanks for stopping by, see you next post

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