Continuing on, its time to check a few more things.

Website Content and Structure

Make sure the website/blog you are going to submit to link directories is finished and has no "under construction" pages. If your website is overwhelmed with advertising and promotional material, it is likely to be rejected. Consider removing the advertisements for the time you will be submitting the site/blog.

If you run a pure affiliate site/blog, the direcotries can decline it as well. Consider a change from the default template to something exclusive so it looks like a usual online shop. If your site/blog is about gambling, porn, or has any other "suspicious" content, there is a risk to be rejected unless these types of sites are allowed by the directory's Terms of Service (TOS).

Before going directly into the submission methods, I'd like to share with you several hot tips that will help you succeed in your submission campaign. Note that the Admins of free non-reciprocal link directories will search for a reason to reject your site rather than approve it.

Here are some guidelines:

Relevant Directories

A relevent site is a page that is related to the theme of your link and mentions your keyword or a synonym of the keyword. Not every site is worth placing a link on. If, for example, you have a website/blog related to gardening, it would be rather untimely to get a link from a page themed with cars. Why are relevant sites preferable? For two reasons:
  • The links on the relevant pages may bring you targeted traffic because they are related to the page theme
  • The search engines will consider these links as more valuable and your website/blog will appear more relevant to your target search phrases.
Submit Your Site/Blog Once

Simple one here. One submission only. Multiple sends will most likely forfiet submission.

Submit Your Home

Do not submit deep links. The majority of the directories don not accept deep links. Most directories will allow you to submit your domain only. To create deep links to your website/blog, I recommend the AddThis Social Bookmarking Tool. With this tool you can bookmark your page to 50+ social bookmarking sites. having a widget on your site/blog allows visitors quick access to their favorite social bookmarking site to up your content :D

Choose the Relevant Sub-Category from the List

Do not submit your site to the top-l;evel category (unless this is allowed by Submission Guidelines). Remember that the Admin will prefer rejectting your site/blog rather than moving it to the appropriate sub-category.

Red the Directory Submission Guidelines

A no-brainer here. If your website/blog does not meet the submission requirements, you won't waste your time for that directory.

Use the email address from the same domain

Do not use a free email address when you fill out the forms to submit your site/blog ink. Many directories require the use of an email address from the same domain as your website is, or simply do not accept submissions with dree email addresses.

Build Your Links slowly....

I have already touched on the fact that Google records the speed at which the website/blog gets inbound links. This is the case when the speed of aquiring links plays against you. I highly recommend that you build your links slowly but at a consistent rate. The reason is simple. A naturally popular site/blog gains the links regularly from people who are interested in sharing what they have found.

You may have 1000 free directories in your list, but you do not want to blast them all at once. Google likes to see a steady stream of links to your site/blog, and if it is newly established, will not expect a whole lot of backlinks to appear at once.

That concludes this post, I will delve into submission frequency and methods for finding ideal placement for your backlinks. Thanks for reading, see you next post.
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3 Response to 'One Way Link building Tips Part 7'

  1. Kalidasa'> May 2, 2009 at 4:23 AM

    How fast is too fast with an older blog, PR3? Will the sudden increase to a few a day instead of a few a week cause a google response? Don't want to get de-indexed!

    I haven't hit the directory submissions lately though. Thanks for that suggestion.



  2. Timothy Albiez'> May 2, 2009 at 5:03 AM

    Thanks for your comment Kalidasa :D And very good question. If your blog is older and seen in search results anywhere than you can safely start building your backlinks. Part 8 of this series may have what you need to know, and a free tool will be revealed soon to really automate but maintain a legitimate view in the eyes of the search engines.


  3. josh'> May 22, 2009 at 1:55 AM

    interesting topic but i wold like to ask am i spamming the google bot by acquiring so many links in just a short time..maybe that's the reason why on my yahoo links i have more than 2,000 links while google only credited me with only 67 links


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