Before continuing on I would like to take a moment to say thank you to everyone's comments lately. I really enjoy the feedback and remain dedicated to keep the good stuff coming. Now, onwards and upwards to the next thing to consider in the affiliate strategy, your sales letter.

From what I have seen in the so called 'guru' sector their real success is through their effective (but mostly deceiving) sales letter strategies. This is what some the internet affiliate elite do to milk daily cash payments.

  1. Create Hope
    Thousands of people search everyday for "hope". Believe it or not a lot of money-making, diet and how to gamble etc are purchased based purely on hope. Statistically speaking 90 or more percent of these people will put the ebook's content into action. But from a psychological point of view they have it in their head that they may learn a secret that will change their life. When many finish reading the ebook (if they read it), they don't put it into action because the ultimately find out it takes too much work. Then a month later, they are once again searching on the internet for the same thing - a magic formula for success in a particular facet of life such as money, looks, health, etc. Almost any product can sell on the Sales Letter conversion alone.

  2. Creating Urgency
    Another strategy used in "guru" campaigns is a conveyed sense of urgency. I'm sure many of you have now seen products for sale that say something like "order by midnight tonight and you will receive a $20 discount". But I guaruntee if you go back to that page the next day, it says the same thing. Potential buyers often consider that, but don't want to risk the $20 not being there the next day? Impulse buyers statistically give in at this point.

  3. Appear as an Authority
    Killer sales copy serves often to give give authority and additional convincing content. No matter what is being sold, my analysis shows that appearing as an expert builds conversions. It is said that appearances are everything. Why would I want to buy a gambling ebook from a guy that shows evidence that he won $200 at a card game one time? Big deal. You would more likely go for the ebook from the guy that won $8 million through gambling. An advanced technique makes him look like an unbiased authority. Often compiling in depth reviews and articles can win sales from traffic that see you as an expert in the products field.

  4. Monetizing on Fear
    I am serious, the elite are doing it day-in, day-out with their sales copy, installing a sense of fear by making the visitors believe they will face oroblems if they buy a competing product or if they don't by whats in front of them now. A common hook used is: "Get Rich Quick Scams Revealed....". They are of course very generalised in how they mention scams (to avoid legal trouble). At the end of their article, they will say they have come across one or two money programs that they have been repeatedly happy with. They have just set the hook, then they push to the sites that they get highest commission on.

  5. The Unusual Factor
    I have noticed this strategy used rather regulary by the top selling products, and I will use the Rich Jerk Guide an example, he encourages people not to buy his ebook unless you are sick of all the other "lame" programs competing with him. He conveys that he is convinced you are doomed to fail without his products and "dares" the potential customer. This is a dated example but very relevant.
And that concludes todays post. Next one I will give an example of an affiliate review and how some of the above factors come into play. Hope all my subscribers and followers are doing well, I will catch up with you again next post.

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