Welcome again to my next installment, this is based on my first case study, I made notes on the topic you are about to read about a year ago now. It focuses on the rebates concept and how it statistically works.

"Traffic Secrets" by John Reese has been a popular search on Google, because he once sold 1000 units of that product in one day, at $997 each, and gave him a million dollar day.

Now lets say Traffic Secrets pays you 25% commission ($249) as an affiliate for each sale you refer. If you offered this program to people for a 15% discount off the regular price of $997, its apparent that the majority will rather buy from you, rather than the official site.

A system that has been replicated many times online, offering an affiliate rebate. The program is $997 and you would make 25% commission, which is $249. Out of your $249 you are giving $149 of it back to the customer who purchased through your affiliate link, and you would then be left with $100.

You would then be effectively offering people a rebate for purchasing the program through your affiliate link. While everyone else has ads saying how great the "Traffic Secrets" program is your ad would ideally display "Get a $149 discount off Traffic Secrets".

Statistically speaking, 80 - 85% of purchasers would forget to ask for their rebate after 90 days. After the 90 day threshold is met, the cut-off date with credit card companies for people to file a charge back. After 90 days, it would be impossible for them to get a refund, so you know your affiliate commission is in your bank and there to stay. This is apparently one of the secrets to the elite marketers, and I do feel it is greyhat at best, but I will leave that decision to you the reader. Please also this is just an example of a case study I made a year ago, based on a major success by a marketer/promoter a few years back. I would not recommend purchase or promotion of the program, due to its age, it would definitely have no value.

I've got some fresh notes to use for the next installment, getting paid per lead. I am thinking of running another PTC campaign to build up some potential paid leads. Often honest marketing can take time, but I think its worth the effort. Thanks for tuning in, until next time :)

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