Hi guys, sorry for the recent absence. I have alot on with getting another car on the road so my family and I don't need to pester anyone for lifts to work. Recent uplifting news to me has been the recent Google update, which has seen this upgrade to PageRank 2, and one of my other projects, EzyBux4U, has gone up to PageRank 1. Oddly enough, another project of mine, Takks Customs, has gone from PageRank 1 back to PageRank 0. I find the result unusual, as I experimentally used a SubmitEdge service for social bookmarking. Looks like it has had negative short term effects. But at least readers you now know this, and its been a lesson to me, I think I am growing impatient again, which is certainly not advisable when trying to keep multiple streams of income going online.

For this post I want to touch on affiliate marketing again, and promote my favorite example, GDI, and if you like you can see how easy the program is to duplicate rapidly and provides the rock-solid hosting and domain name service that anyone seeking to make reasonable amounts online need to succeed. For the dismal $10 month you are set with hosting and your own domain. Because GDI have exclusive rights to the ws extension, you can select another popular dotcom, and have .ws instead of .com (this opens up other opportunities to the keen marketer). I like the program so much I have 'branded' it with my name so to speak :P My promotion of GDI is done through a domain with my own name, Timothy Albiez in it. Below is the link, my site has been set up to guide you through the process and start earning money. I have already got one person in, and I have not been promoting the site heavily as yet, due to the fact I dont want to be penalised by Google for the impatient factor.

Affiliate site that earns an Income

Thanks for stopping by and reading. Getting more back on track with what I'm trying to teach, I want to get my notes on Search Engine PPC strategies ready for your absorbtion shortly. See you again soon
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