Hi guys, taking a short break from the Cashflow Strategy to tell you about a new program I have joined, called Surf-To-Earn. I think it will become a good residual earner, and has already generated me 3 new leads in two days promoting Affiliate Site that Earns an Income only. I only assigned 200 or so hits :)

I have joined the traffic exchange as a pro member, the cost is $12 every 3 months. This gives me a pro account, and one position in our team forced 5x5 matrix. Each position I have in the matrix can earn you up to $1403. For every 1000 sites I surf at Surf-To-Earn through 9,000 will earn me an additional position in the matrix. I surf up to 9,000 sites, and receive 9 extra positions. That will give me a total of 10 paying positions in Surf-To-Earns matrix.

Each position I earn will be set up for me automatically and the info for it will be sent to me. I do not have to do anything but surf sites. When my membership renews in three months, I can do this all over again, giving me even more positions in the matrix to earn from. I can also earn $1 for every referral I send to Surf-To-Earn and it will be deposited into my account right away.

Remember though, I don't have to recruit or refer to earn in Surf-To-Earn, I simply surf and earn your extra positions. Recruiting is optional and is a way for me to earn some extra money.

Free members cannot earn in the matrix, but can earn referral commissions on paid members. To make the most of Surf-To-Earn and maximize your earnings, I recommend you surf at least 200 sites a day, 5 days a week. This will take about 1/2 hour of your time. You could do more if you wanted or of course promote to build a downline that would have paid commissions coming your way :)

I will keep you all posted on this one, I have a good feeling about it XD

Next post will return to the Cashflow Strategy. Peace and see you again.

Surf to Earn

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