Hi guys thanks for being here again for my next post. As I mentioned previously I would tap on the concept of cloaking, but I don't endorse or encourage it. Its a more finnicky process to control and carries with it some risk, but here's what I know.

Cloaking is frowned upon by many webmasters, myself included. It can allow lazy people to get good rankings, which I find unfair to webmasters and Admins that do the right thing. Cloaking involves showing a keyword rich, highly-optimized website or blog to search engines, but a normal page to human visitors. It is important to note as well that experienced webmasters and admins can and will report cloaked websites and blogs to get them banned. If you were to attempt to used a cloaked website or blog you would follow the guidelines:
  • Use cloaking on a throw-away domain that you don't care about, and redirect it to a true website or blog. Kelly Finex has been known to have up to ten throw away domains for any real site he has.
  • Cloaking for highly competitive keywords would obviously get you reported very quickly. If you were to cloak a throw-away domain and use good keywords for medium search amount, you may fly under the radar. The big search engines will only ban cloaked domains but not the sites they redirect to. Your true domain receiving the redirect should remain safe.
A site that can help you (at some cost of course) is FantoMaster. He has software that will take care of your cloaking or set up a domain that is cloaked on your behalf. His services has received alot of thumbs-up.

Thats all I really want to put up on this topic, because its note really I strategy I feels work in a practical long-term autopilot business. Its rather black-hat and I look at things like this as an online karma if you will. Catch you next post.

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