Sorry about the brief absence. Some social engagements and offline business commitments were pressing my time in the last few days. I have noticed a new follower, BuxPoll. Thank you for following. Now, time to focus on Page Content.

Now I have already covered the importance of incoming links and its priority in your SEO, but content ultimately is king. Also proper use of page title, H1-H3 tags, meta tags, description, keyword density, and of course, quality content are keys to your success. I recommend only using one H1 tag per page, and including your main keywords or phrase in it. Typically, a style sheet is used to manipulate the size and color of the H1 tag, so it fits in better with the site theme. H1 is the main heading for a page's text. H2 is for sub-categories, and H3 is even smaller. H4-H6 you really don't need to bother with. Correct usage of H1-H3 yields results.

List your top keywords relating to your content (a good tool to check search volume to keywords and get suggestions is Google's free Keyword Tool). For your description make a simple sentance or two that summarizes your content that includes keywords/phrase. Comical example below

META NAME="Description"CONTENT="Bad breath is something that lesser webmasters usually deal with. If you are a lesser webmaster with bad breath, you've come to the right place."
META NAME="Keywords"CONTENT="bad breath, halitosis, halitosis breath, get rid of bad breath, bad breath help"

It is also important to remember that you need to keep your content updated every couple of weeks at least. That way Google 9and other search engines) knows to come back to your site every few weeks to spider your site again. You are basically training Google's robots to think your site is important because you change and update your content often. If you don't know enough about a subject to write a few new paragrapphs about every couple of weeks or if you are lazy, but still want to target the subject because the keywords are high paying, you can always put articles on your site written by other people. There are a few sites that provide thousands of free articles on just about any subject, and you are free to use them on your sites or blogs. You can find these articles at Article City, GoArticles and Ezine Articles.

Coming up in Part 12 will be a few ideas relating to product creation and how the power marketers get their stuff out so well. You might be surprised at how alot of crap products have been sold and it leaves you wondering how you can go with a real information product that isn't re-hashed crap or deliberately misleading, which alot of ebook products online are unfortunately. Take care everyone, see you next post.

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