HI everyone, welcome to my next installment. My observations with the majority of the info product industry is how similar some prooducts are and how well they sell. Take a look in ClickBank's top 10. These things sell. There is no-need to re-invent the wheel. Make a similar site, make it look better, sound better and price it lower. Beating your competitor with text content can be done by following the pointers in earlier parts of this series.

The biggest affiliates use the common hook, the 60 day money back guaruntee. This matches the Clickbank standard refund policy. Statistically speaking most people are esentially good, and won't ask for a refund if they like your product, but there are some of course that will demand a refund even if the product works well for them. ClickBank filters this by keeping record of people who have requested refunds from multiple products in the past, and are banning them for purchasing ClickBank products again.

Another common (and sly in my opinion) used hook is free gifts on purchase... gifts that didn't cost a cent. There are sites that offer Free DVDs, gift cards etc. If you were to use this strategy, you would be giving away free items, and you will be paid a commission. This is because you have provided in your promotion a valid email address that the company can advertise to in the future. The customer doesn't actually get a free gift at all, unless they meet obligations set in place by the company that had the free giffts you would be offering. Of course you would need a disclaimer for this. You would probably get a few angry people, but the fact is, once someone has purchased your product, very few will bother trying to get a refund because your free gift wasn't exactly free.

If you are not comfortable with the not so free gifting concept (don't worry I certainly wouldn't do it, I just like to expose a tactics that the elite use) you can give away free travel coupons, also called travel incentives. Go to Google and type in "travel certificates", and you will find a plethora of companies that offer these certificates for just a few dollars each. Most are 100% real, and are offered through services that represent hotels that hope the free visit will encourage travellers to return in the future at full price.

Before I retire for the evening heres another one I remember back when I was first getting into affiliate marketing, and to be honest I got a shiver on this one. A 200% refund being offered on a conditional. From memory it said that if you could show that when used properly, the product not delivering desired results. Statistically speaking, 99% of purchasers won't even take up on the offer, because most will think its too complicated, and of course if you made a very good information product you wouldn't need to put up such a risky refund lure, because good content can't really be faulted. A look into affiliate promotions in the next post.

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