Welcome again followers and subscribers. I have been busy promoting Viral Twitter landing pages for some online associates and some of my programs, its an absorbing but fun process, and when executed correctly has excellent results :) But onwards and upwards for today's topic, getting affiliates to promote your product.

Firstly be sure to broadcast your product through a medium such as Affiliate-Announce. Then logically you would price your product cheaper than your similar competitors, and offer 75% commission through ClickBank, and you will attract the elite affiliates. Be sure to offer "performance bonuses" via PayPal to top selling affiliates to produce more volume, it could be an extra $2 or $3 above the commission for any sales over a certain quantity in a period of time.

You should also have by now created some banners for your site and or product and have them available to your promoting affiliates. A simple but effective service is Bannerite.

You can also find direct affiliates of your competitors and see if they would like to promote your product as well.

Make sure your site collects visitor email addresses. A well reputed organization that can assist with this is Instant Attention. You can then follow up with auto-responders from Intellicontact. Their service allows for scheduled follow-ups, announcements, etc. They are reputed to be effective against most spam filters. Many lesser programs can't even get a message to people who DID opt in to receive your messages, because they cannot get past spam filters.

Many affiliates will promise any silly thing if someone opts in to their list. A common one is "join now to stay ahead of online scams". I would perfer to be more original and practical and offer a free ebook. I plan to when I finish this series and compile my product for free viral release :) It goes without saying that mailing to your own in-house list can become a profitable business in itself.

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