Hi again everyone. Its been a very busy couple of days for me, keeping track of all the online ventures at times gets a tad frustrating, and I would hate to burn out. So while the kids were at my Mums for the weekend I spent some quality time with the wife, got some much needed R&R ;)

When it comes to making money online another very important factor to consider is Legitimacy. The big hitters love this because if they have a big enough balance to spend they can buy their legitimacy. I prefer the tried and true system of long term branding, like what I do here at my blog, but that's my personal preference.

Jump onto Google and do a search for "website reviews", to find websites that are currently reviewing other websites. They don't advertise it, but you can pay some of them to write a favorable review article about your website and or product. Don't ask big, reputable review companies. Talk to the ones that most people have never heard of. You would then reference these good reviews on your home/landing page, as a vallidation of some third-party trust. Just for having a Provacy Policy, you can get a TrustE logo on your site, and this can improve your success ratio greatly. If you wanted to maximise your success online with these methods be sure to be as widespread as possible.

Another way to monetize on a product you have created is to sell your book on eBay. Using one of the widely available eBay templates, and utilizing seller tools such as Turbo Lister, you can re-list your ebook over and over automatically. Set up an autoresponder email address, so that when people order, they will instantly receive an email from you with a download for the ebook. Alternatively you can create a download link on your website or blog, and tell PayPal to redirect people to it once they have paid. If you have a compelling sales letter you can duplicate the text into your eBay listings.

Thanks again for your time see you next post. It will be based on my research into eBay (which also happens to be another side project of mine).

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