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If you want to make money on eBay selling physical products, I have some tips for you. But first I feel I should let you know that there will be manual labour involved, packaging and shipping goods, exactly the thing I don't want, times getting scare for me as it is. But if you are willing to, you can reasonably expect to make $15k-$30k per month in profit by buying the hottest consumer products from wholesalers, or selling them individually on eBay. So many people claim to offer wholesale lists, the best suppliers, etc, but don't even bother. Their sources to be frank, suck, and 99% will steal from you. I'm very stringent with money exchange, particulary online, so I am only recommending who I would trust and in this day and age is getting smaller and smaller.

SaleHoo - Membership to this site grants access to hundreds of wholesalers from China who sell the hottest electronics, clothing, sports equipment and more in bulk, at huge discounts. You can then resell these products on eBay for profits and become a PowerSeller.

Being scammed a few times has made me wary, and naturally my aim here is to steer newbies away from that. You benefit from experience here. Here are some guidelines to keep you out of trouble.
  • NEVER buy products from a source that wants to be paid via Western Union. Personally I wouldn't even respond back and would have their email blocked. I know that the low priced merchandise on offer is tempting, but they SCAM everytime! Western Union advises on their website: "Make sure you know to whom you are sending money. If you are purchasing goods or services and paying through the Western Union network, it is your responsibility to verify the reputation and legitimacy of the seller. western Union is not responsible for the non-receipt or quality of any goods or services.
  • NEVER use an escrow service other than Escrow.com They have been fully verified and are recommended by eBay, and I have been in contact with a few people now that have used the service personally and they have advised me to do the same in my dealings. As far as I know they are still a worldwide service, excepting Romania and Indonesia, due to the unfortunate rampant fraud issues these countries are mired with. As for the process, its very simple. The buyer and seller agree on terms. The buyer must then send the required funds to Escrow.com. Once they have the funds the seller is notified to ship the goods. Once the buyer has received the goods, once they have checked everything is correct, then notify Escrow to release the funds to seller. On a final note, just don't deal with anything other than Escrow.com, there are rampant scams trying to use the good name established and sully it with scams, so please I urge caution in your dealings.
  • Always request that you pay a seller by one of the following methods. Credit card, because most credit card companies will refund your money if you file a fraud complaint, saved me once actually. Escrow.com Again because it protects buyer and seller. PayPal is my recommended secure online payment processor. They are up to par on security and service. be sure not to send money to someone listed as Unverified. Letter of Credit (LC). This is like using your own bank as an escrow service. For example, you will go to your bank and apply for a letter of credit for the dollar amount you need to pay the seller. Your bank will freeze these funds in your account, and issue a letter to you and the sellers bank verifying that they are holding the money, and you will transfer to sellers bank account as soon as delivery of the goods to you is confirmed. Be sure to use a Standby LC. COD (Cash on Delivery) This is when you pay for the shipping company directly when the goods are delivered. The shipping company than gives the funds to the seller. The shipping company will not leave goods without receiving payment so its safe for the seller and piece of mind for you.
Be sure to exercise caution with any seller that is requesting payment in advance by T/T (telegraphic transfer), also known as bank wire. This can also be tricky due to the fact that some legitimate international sellers do require money by T/T in advance. Sometimes it can be a deposit, and sometimes they want the full amount. Before sending money by T/T be sure to ask for the following:
  • Sellers full name
  • Sellers address
  • Sellers telephone number (and cell and fax)
  • Sellers company name
  • Sellers business license number
  • Sellers bank name and contact details
  • A scan or faxed copy of sellers identification card or drivers license
  • References from companies the seller has worked with before, preferably in your own country.
Inform the seller you need this information to run a background check. If they are not prepared to meet your requirements of security you are most likely better off for doing so. Alternatively you can hire a bying agent in the sellers country to go to the sellers physical location and by the items on your behalf, and then onship them to you. Naturally, a Google search for "international buying agents" will yield to you a plethora of potential agents. They can be rather pricey but the sort of niche they are in can command high fees.

On your part it is vital to get verified to prove your integrity and legitimacy as a buyer, you can do one or more of the following:
  • Get a Dun & Bradstreet number or DnB.
  • Have a Verfied Premier/Business account at PayPal
Hope the above helps the curious out there. Next post will see me impart some more tips as well as a tool I use which can help you further in this sort of field. Also my certified list of wholesalers. Catch you guys then :)

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