Hi everybody! Todays post comes with alot of excitement. My primary domain, EzyBux4U, has just obtained Google PageRank of 3, and this has come to a surprise because I have left that domain entirely to its own devices and the SEO and promotion I have done for it already, and monitor the analytics. My offline advertising of this site ceased when my old car came off the road, but I intend to repeat the process on the new ride, but this time taking some new innovative steps to make the advertising stand out and attract more targeted visitors. I will post a photo of the finished product, which will be by the end of July at earliest, end of August at the latest. Now onto the post, and I want to start by telling you all about one of the tools that has helped me grow and succeed, moreso particulary of the late due to the huge feature list you get, read on for more.

Open an account at ReadNotify. For $3.99 a month (or $24 per year), they will tell you the exact origin of emails you receive from any seller. It works like this: if you were emailling me at ezybux4u@gmail.com, you would instead send an email to ezybux4u@gmail.com.readnotify.com

By adding the readnotify.com com to any email you send, once the recipient opens the email, you will receive an email showing exactly when the person opened the email, and their location in the world. For example mine would show Queensland, Australia. And the recipient will not see the extension on the email you send them. It will be invisible.

ReadNotify is an extremely useful tool because many sellers claim to be n the USA or UK in order to appear more legitimate by acting as if they fo not reside in a country well known for internet fraud such as Romania or Indonesia (I do not mean to appear to discriminate here, its simply the facts). When I use this tool and see that someone has lied to me about their location, I will not do business with them. When using this tool you will come across many scammers from around the world that claim to be established in the UK or USA. They will also appear suspicious because 99% of the time they will be demanding money by Western Union, which like I have noted on earlier, is fraud rampant.

Another good guideline to follow is to use the "whois" check to your advantage. Check the sellers website and see if the sellers name and address match the internets registrar's record of the owner. You can easily do this by going to GoDaddy. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the "Whois Lookup" link. Enter the website and GoDaddy will inform you who is registered to the domain. Beware of anyone who doesn't have a name and adddress listed in the whois of their domain, or of anyone who just recently registered the domain.

Next post will see you all bought up to speed with valuable listings to my personally pre-selected list of reputable online sources and contacts. Until then take care.

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