Hi everyone and welcome again. Today I will post up my list of recommended (by my own experience or that of my successful associates), for your own access for researching to set up your own business.

Membership to SalesHoo gets you access to hundreds of wholesalers from China who sell the hottest electronics, clothing, sports equipment and more in bulk, at huge discounts. You can then resell these products on eBay for profits and become a PowerSeller. This is how the pros do it.

WorldWide Brands
I highly recommend WorldWide Brands as one of the best direct supplier, not only because of their range of 4000+ products, but because they also DROP SHIP for you. That means they ship to your customers, and you do not need to maintain an inventory or process shipping. They are an eBay Certified Solution Provider and also a member of the Better Business Bureau

NAWCA (North American Wholesale Co-Op Association) is another top-notch source for over 100 000 products via their network of 2000+ distributors, many of which do drop-shipping for you. The NAWCA was founded by a collective of wholesalers and distributors in 2001. Highly recommended for eBay sellers.

Ingram Micro
This is still the second largest electronics distributor in the world. A true class act, with good pricing to boot.

Tech Data
Another electronics distribution company.

Allied Electronics
Carries over 1235 000 electronic parts.


You can easily find suppliers on the following sites, then turn around and sell the same merchandise for a nice profit to another buyer you find on the same website. After you receive your merchandise from your seller, post a trade lead with a marked up price. The sellers trade lead that you responded to will likely be pushed way down and out of sight within a few days. Of course selling off individual quantities sourced from a well priced bulk lot is the typical means of turning a profit. Here are some more good places to get familiar with.

The premier source for wholesale buyers and sellers to connect online. The site receives hundreds of thousands of visitors daily and hundreds of trade leads are posted on a daily basis as well. This would be you daily reference site and of course sign up for any relevant trade alerts. Your primary priority should be to deal with Alibaba companies that are TrustPass verified. You can also become a Alibaba TrustPass member yourself. For a small fee, Alibaba will have a 3rd party credit agency contact you and verify your name, address and company information. Once you are an Alibaba TrustPass member, many people will take you more seriously.

Exporters Singapore is similar to Alibaba, but requires all members to pay a fee after a 30 day trial, which is part of their anti-scammer policy.

Power Source Online
A computer parts trading exchange for dealers, brokers and service companies. You can find well priced computer parts and components here for resale.

The above has been the primary stick to list for me, but there are many communities similar to Alibaba, with significantly less traffic, but it may be advisable to join as many as possible to diversify your net and find some niche suppliers.

EC 21
Global Sources
EC Plaza
Trade India
Offer 21

This concludes my notes on this trading, but I have been actively dabbling in it for over a year now and when my income streams strengthen will invest larger sums of capital into importing and reselling. Next post will resume looking into Clickbank and build upon the foundations I have hopefully already help lay for you. See you then.

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