Hello again all. Today's post will relate to Search Engine PPC, touching base on AdWords and AdSense at the same time. AdWords is for advertisers who want to get traffiuc to their website from Google and its partners. AdSense is for publishers - people who have websites and blogs, and want to become one of Google partners, in which case Google will display ads on your site or blog, which are the ones paid for by AdWords advertisers.

Google will split the profit with its AdSense publishers. Google doesn't want to reveal the exact percentage, but most experts agree that its around 50%. For example if you have a website or blog about video games, Google will display AdWords ads relevant to video games. If the highest bid by an AdWords advertiser for a kephrase "video games" is $1 per click-through to their website/blog, and when someone viewing your site or blog clicks on that ad, you would make approximately 50 cents.

By researching good niches and providing quality, relevant content you can generate substantial revenue from visitors to your site by buying keyword ads on AdWords and bidding a maximum of 5 - 10 cents. With the right content you can have ads that could net you several dollars a click, so what I have just described is one strategy employed by some gurus, notably Abid Shaikh, developer of AdSense Treasure websites. I use his pre-made and optimized package at Takks Customs to give you an example. I generate about $3 a day on average from that site, and it grows. Abids package was worth $20 :) Because I am on a budget of course I use SEO strategies to improve its visitor ratio. I would prefer more targeted traffic, as higher payout come from higher CTRs (click-through-ratios). If using AdWords as a test and you are on a budget be sure to keep your daily spend down.

Well thats it for tonight, next post will focus on using the AdWords side of the Google giant. Thanks for reading take care.

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