Hello all, and thanks for stopping by. Now that the outside demands on my time have lessened I can return to my series here, which I want to get back to daily posting again. I have condensed my notes as much as I can now, so I am going to get my stockpile of experience into blog archive post haste :)

Now that you know how to make money with Google AdSense without selling any products, lets focus on using Google AdWords to sell your own products, or the products of a company you are affiliated with. I have a very simple strategy for this. Google AdWords only allows you a limited amount of text on your ads, so you have to make it count. The only way to stand out from the rest is to be different. Again the guru's like to use the fear factor, or to cause someone to be almost disturbed by the oddity or humor of your ad. The gurus like to sh*t on their competitors products, to incite thoughts of disappointment or financial loss, and it does stand out. Humor and unusual statements also draws attention.

By using their tactics you should be able to increase your own CTR (click through rate), and if you have a higher CTR than your competitors you could end up paying less per click, and maybe even appearing higher in the sponsored ad results. Google still favors ads that consistently have a high CTR. Below are some examples of beginners next to the slimy guru in ad format.

Get Rich Quick Program
Make $$$ quickly and easily.
The best program on the net

== or ==

Get Rich Quick Scams

All the latest scams revealed
Don' pay until you read this

Remove Rust Instantly
Removes, and repels future rust.
Buy online now. On sale.

== or ==

Rust Sucks
We wish rust was a real person,
so we could do him bodily harm.

Well it comes back to the old cliche, about thinking outside of the box. One more thing before I finish up. You should be aware that Google (and alot of other PPC search engines) DO NOT allow pop-ups on any page you link to from your ad. To get around this many slimy marketers use floating DHTML menus, apparently 90% of auto pop-up blockers will not block them and they can be less annoying and invasive to visitors.

Hope this is of help. Remember if you have questions please comment so I can get in and reply. Thanks for reading, see you next post.

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