Hi everyone and welcome again to my blog. I'm going into my SEO notes again to try and condense my best snippets of information relating to SEO for this post. I really like working on this series, its like a work in progress for my ebook... wait a minute, it is :P

Not everyone has a big budget for PPC ads, and to be in Google's top 10 search results for your top keywords can often often prove more of an asset. My main target for exposure when it comes to SEO tactics is that of Kelly Felix, the slimy dog also known as the Rich Jerk. I've looked into many other sites he has had success with often bought his sites positions by getting high PageRank backlinks, including from MakeaChildSmile.org and FoxNews.com

One of the main things to focus on is link backs from PageRank 4 or higher, any less probably won't assist you very much for ranking purposes. Many charity sites are linked to authority or givernment sites, and a donation may be all it takes for a link. Of course the best links are from sites with related content.

One other thing I found out about Kelly is his love of CyberLinkPro. I have looked into them recently and also conversed with many of the testimonial submitters, to guage the effectiveness of the service. To sum up, its perfect. I have already setup to receive 5000 high PR backlinks and have them maintained on a monthly basis. Its going to cost me $50 a month, but after a maximum of 3 months I know the site receiving the treatment (www.ezybux4u.com) will accelerate past PageRank 1, and hopefully get to 3 or 4. Stay tuned to my blog to hear about that down the track. of course if you trust me, try their services now, you may get results faster! The have 1000 backlink packs going for $20 month, and I think anyone who is serious about making money online and can afford to invest get into CyberLinkPro

On the topic of paying for links I am cyurrently in the process of (and strongly recommend if you can afford to) is getting into paid directories that have one off submission fee's. You can consider this a set and forget thing, and an investment into your SEO that Google will return to you with improved PageRank again. Click HERE for more information and links to paid directories. The highest rankers, PageRank 7 and up cost a fair bit and also attract an annual renewal.

Another tactic is to use a press release through PRWeb. This will cost between $40=$80, but again its an investment to get the search engines to pick up on it and generate good PageRank incoming links. Almost always, your spend will get you noticed by the two online king pins, Google News and Yahoo News. Maybe even MSN, don't know what this new Bing is going to do to the industry, a topic for later perhaps?

Well that sums up todays post, tomorrow a move towards what I know on cloaking, which I don't actually use (its black hat, and I want Google to be my friend, not ban me!) and a way to get content if you are either lazy or too busy. See you next post.

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