Welcome again everyone to another spiel from the depth of my mind. As always, I am in a constant state of discovery towards new ventures on the Internet. As my experience has grown over time, so has my interpretation of sound investments of time or money or outright scams.

At my previous Interlude, I posted about Surf-To-Earn. This program has gone exceptionally well for me, and its been insanely easy to build a downline at the traffic exchange end, and of course with surfing has come additional positions that are also building referrals.

Another easy one to promote is AdvertiseToEarn. It works a little differently to Surf-To-Earn, but is similar. I have created 11 positions so far. This is the overview, from their site.

We started the AdvertiseToEarn team for Two Reasons:
- To help people like yourself build a long term residual income...
- And to reward those members who actually advertise and refer!

There is no better or easier way to make money online then via a matrix program. But, the big problem we have found with most matrix programs is a lot of people sign up and never advertise or refer. They count on spill over or others to fill their down line for them.

Plus, filling a matrix of any size one person or position at a time is tough. A matrix that is a 4x6 would require you or your down line to fill 5460 positions with other paid members filling one position at a time. And, if your down line is not advertising or referring, then the task of filling a matrix even one that is 2x2 is nearly impossible.

And, if you are not very good at recruiting, the task of making money from a matrix program is daunting. These problems cause most matrix programs to sputter out and die over time. Learning from this, we have set up Advertise To Earn to fix these very problems.

Here is how our program works:

First, you join our team as a paid member for $15. This gives you one position in our team forced 5x5 matrix. From this one position, you can earn up to $2139. View our earnings chart below:

Level 1 - 5 members - $0.05 commission - $0.25
Level 2 - 25 members - $0.05 commission - $1.25
Level 3 - 125 members - $0.10 commission - $12.50
Level 4 - 625 members - $0.40 commission - $250
Level 5 - 3125 members - $0.60 commission - $1875

But, that is only from one position. You can actually earn additional positions in the matrix to make even more.

Here is how you can earn additional positions:

By simply advertising your affiliate url, you can earn additional positions in the matrix!

For every 1000 hits you send to your affiliate url, we give you an additional position back in the matrix. You can earn up to an additional 8 positions in the matrix by simply advertising. 7 of these positions will go back under you in your own matrix, and 1 position will go back in via our team link and spill down into the matrix.

You can earn one more position by simply referring one paid member to our program. This one position goes under our team link and spills down into the matrix filling in any holes. If you can't refer, then simply send up to 15,000 hits to your affiliate url to earn this position. So that will give you a total of 10 positions in the matrix.

That is 10 positions that will eventually earn $2139 each. That is a total of $21,390 from your $15 payment!

Imagine an entire team of members advertising, referring, and earning additional positions back in the team matrix! This is going to create a ton of spill over!

But, it doesn't end there. Your $15 payment is set to recur every 3 months. That means you and every other member are set to get a new set of 10 positions every 3 months!

That is a total of 40 positions you can earn from each year. Do the math!

Imagine how fast the matrix will fill and how much spill over will be created with just 1,000 members creating 40,000 new positions each year! Or 2,000 members or 3,000 members!

I foresee great things for this program and really urge anyone interested in a quick building matrix. Pro traffic exchange surfers with big downlines will love this! Have a look into it if you can spare some time to promote and a couple of dollars a month. Back into strategy next post, thanks for your time.


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