Wow, I have to say it now feels unusual not putting up another post to the Cashflow Strategy. While I'm busy with some external factors, I will still be here as often as possible, keeping you all in the know about latest happenings, and of course new programs or information that helps me will be included. For something different, I wanted to share my experience with Bux.To (which is also affectionately known as Sux.To).

Back when the site started I was a newbie at online income generation. So yes I did join, and also foolishly bought Premium upgraded membership and bought 100 refs (better known as bots). I entered for a $10 cashout early September, but did not receive the money for months. After that payment that I never thought I'd receive came in I decided on an experiment. I will get active on the site and start requesting more cashouts. I gather that maybe the ponzi site does make payments after a long manual audit on accounts. Clearly I must of passed, to receive a payment and the requests I have made since have been paid quickly.

Overall, I do not know what to think of Bux.To other than maybe if you are upgraded and don't use click-bots that maybe you will see payment. I still have another $90 to cashout to recoup what I have put into the ponzi, which I will try to do, so I can invest the money more appropriately to make real money. We all make mistakes, and I like to think that in my relatively short time so far of creating money online, I haven't made as many mistakes as some, who waste money on ebooks and programs, and thanks to making some online contacts, I have made more than I expected already, so always be sure to keep contacts you make online close, because in business, networking is still imperative to success.

Thats all for today folks, see you all again soon.
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