Hello again everyone, sorry I missed yet another "daily" post, but I was celebrating some good offline news in the form of getting permanent status at work, instead of casual. This doesn't change my pay or hours much, but has now guaranteed my wife and I a successful home loan application. This is going to be a big step for us, and will be seeing the end of the rental trap after 6 years! But without further ado, I want to get back into my notes on ClickBank.

Like I have already commented on before, review websites and blogs have a big money potential, with minimal effort or outlay on your behalf. You don't really need to respond to emails, you're not responsible if a customer is unhappy, and you don't have to search for affiliates if you are trying to sell someone else content. When using ClickBank, to gauge productivity of products you can promote and sell, use the following as a reference.

Average net dollar amount earned per affiliate, per referred sale. Not that this is the net earned per sale, and so it is impacted by refunds, chargebacks, and sales taxes applicable. Therefore if you see that a program sells for $50 and they pay a 50% commission, you know that affiliates should be earning about $22 (after ClickBanks cut) per referred sale. Now if ClickBank shows an average of only $10 net in this category, that means a heap of refunds and chargebacks are happening, so you can bet that although this program may sell well, you would get killed on refunds because the product was worthless. You don't want this bringing your reputation down either.

Average percentage commission earned per affiliate, per referred sale. This number should only vary if the publisher has changed their payout percentage over time. If the program offers a 50% commission, yet the average % listed in this category is 60%, it means the company used to offer a higher commission and must have lowered if for whatever reason. Maybe greed?

Fraction of publishers total sales that are referred by affiliates. This is very important. If less than 50% of sales are referred by affiliates, that means the merchant earns most of it's sales by their own promotions. If they are ranked highly overall in the ClickBank Marketplace, but their % referred is low, its mostly their own doing, and you shouldn't expect to earn much with their program. On the other hand, if they are a new program, just starting out, this humber doesn't mean much, and it may be a goldmine waiting for you to cash in.

Number of distinct affiliates who earned a commission by referring a paying customer to the publishers products. This is a weeighted sum not an actual total. For each affiliate paid in the last 8 weeks, ClickBank adds an amount between 0.1 and 1.0 to the total. the more recent the last referral, the higher the value added. This means that if gravity is higher than the others listed above and below it, the program has been running strong for the last 2 months. If the company is ranked highly overall on ClickBank, but the gravity is lower than the companies around it, it means that the program is not doing very well as of late.

The aim is to look for companies that have a higher gravity than those ranked above them, a high percentage earned per sale and a net $ amount that is near the current payout that the company offers its affiliates.

This concludes todays post. With my recent work status change to permenant has bought Monday and Tuesday as my new rostered days off. I intend to use the rest of today and tomorrow to start setting up more posts and start getting back to submitting something fresh and new daily :) I plan to re-do my intro video. Catch you all soon
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2 Response to 'Tims Cashflow Strategy Part 18'

  1. Diego Nei
    http://timsinternetcashflow.blogspot.com/2009/07/tims-cashflow-strategy-part-18.html?showComment=1246891924395#c8297174934827838115'> July 6, 2009 at 7:52 AM

    Talk about great news! really glad to hear it! Keep up pal!

    Could I request a post on "Getting enough attention to your product"?


  2. Timothy Albiez
    http://timsinternetcashflow.blogspot.com/2009/07/tims-cashflow-strategy-part-18.html?showComment=1246895893139#c3053170833677562393'> July 6, 2009 at 8:58 AM

    Hi mate. You are incredibly gifted with foresight! Part 19 is about promotion and social bookmarking (its a relevance thing). When I finish this series I will be composing an ebook for free viral release on Twitter!


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