Hi everyone! We are coming to another focus with the Cashflow Strategy, and I am integrating some knowledge regarding social bookmarking and online income, as I believe its become one of the best free tools that when used correctly and combined with a little patience will yield incredible results :)

Collecting a batch of Social Bookmarks is easy. Simply register with popular sites such as Del.ic.io.us, StumbleUpon and Digg (being among the most popular), and here you can store social bookmarks and add Tagging - simple descriptions to make finding these sites easier for everyone. Visitors to these websites can quickly find your Social Bookmarks by searching for websites by such criteria as keywords, phrases, contributing user or frequency of nomination.

These social content websites allow people to share their favourite websites with others and in some cases (like Digg) enable the addition of comments. It's becoming more and more common for websites and blogs to include icons or links to the most popular social bookmarking/tagging sites to encourage visitors to tag them, with a view to generate more vital site traffic.

Social tagging forms an element of SMO or Social Media Optimization, which is mostly ways to enhance the placement of websites on social media sites. Simple techniques include the addition of RSS feeds, a "Share/Tag This Page" device for users to improve your standing with a quick click, and the incorporation of third-party features like Flickr photos and YouTube videos.

Also social bookmarking is a vital part of SEO (search engine optimization) because it builds link popularity for your pages.

Thats the introduction, next post we move onto the link popularity aspect fully and I will highlight the keys areas to optimize your efforts, to make your own bookmarking as effective as possible and help you in your traffic driving efforts. Thanks again for your time. Catch you all again soon.

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