Welcome again regulars. As always, having the full-time job commitment and having two energetic kids to take care of while the wife is at work at night sometimes interferes with my online businesses, but if I may people, some advice. To be successful at your online ventures whether you aim high or low, is to be persistent and don't loose faith in yourself and what you can do. Don't get me wrong, it can be very difficult, and there have been some evenings that I have said "I couldn't be ....ed going online tonight" and end up falling asleep in an armchair. Its times like that I get in a break to prevent burnout, which leads to the statistic of 97% failure rate online. I want to be in the 3% that succeed, and so far I am. Almost everyday online rewards me with an increasing balance at PTCs, other programs, affiliate leads and sales, and Google AdSense. When you set your streams up watch them grow, and document it. It is a motivational exercise in itself :) Now, back to business.

By now you have come to realise that search engine rankings are critical to the success of a website or blog. And link popularity is a key determining factor in how your site or blog is perceived and rated by the search engines. Link popularity is determined by the number of links to your pages from other respected and credible websites. Inbound links are vital if your pages are to rank respectably in search results, especially for competitive search terms. Here are some pointers:

  1. Ensure you get listing with at least one of the following major directories: Google, Yahoo, BestoftheWeb and DMOZ
  2. Generate inbound links to your site from well respected and authorities sites/blogs. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by leaving well-considered comments on popular blogs and news sites. Once published, these comments are often accompanied by a link to your website/blog.
  3. Request inbound links from a website/blog sharing your own interests or goals.
  4. Whenever possible, control the format of the inbound link URL. Make sure it is always the same and used consistently.
  5. Use targeted keywords for the destination page in the inbound links anchor text and title attribute.
  6. Try to make links that lead to deeper content pages, not just a gateway or top-level page.
  7. Be certain that inbound links do not include the "nofollow" attribute. That particular tag will not credit your link on search engine algorithms.
  8. Naturally, increased exposure of your site within social media sites will increase the visibility of your content, and aid in branding
Link popularity is affected by the following common factors like the number of inbound links, quality of the link source, type of link, URL consistency, the linking text and attributes, nearby content and the overall link destination.

Thanks for reading, next post will analyze the aforementioned affecting factors in link popularity and shed some more light on the subject. See you then :D
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