How is everybody today? Ready for some more information regarding your link popularity? If so, lets move on.

Search engines consider the total number of links pointing at your webpage and domain name as a whole. The final tally includes links from external sites with different domain names and links from other pages within your own site. For an approximate count of inbound links by going to each search engine and searching for your URL prefaced by "link. For example, if you search for "" on Google it will return all the web pages Google has indexed that contain a link to a page at

Search engines consider the credibility and the reputation of the site hosting the inbound link. The more authoritative the source site, the more valuable the link. For example, a link from is worth more to your websites search engine standing than a whole host of links from small blogs. Bear in mind some blog sites are considered authoritative, however, so you need to be aware of the source from which you request links.

To maximize the benefit of inbound links, try to ensure they can be indexed as effectively by search engines. Ideally they should be text links and SHOULD NOT have the 'nofollow' attribute.

When search engines total the number of inbound links to a page they frequently assume different URLs point at different pages - even when this is not the case. Its important to make sure inbound links all 'look' the same, using the same formatting, filename, and variables (if any). For example, search engines may think the following URLs lead to three different pages, just because they are formatted differently.


The same rule applies to vanity URLs, jumpIDs or dynamically generated links including tracking or session IDs. For example, the following links are to the same location but search engines will not credit them accordingly because they do not match.


Utilizing different URLs dilutes SEO efforts by making it appear to search engines that you have fewer inbound links. This reduces the potency of your PageRank for your targeted keywords.

I hope this snippet of knowledge keeps you going, see you again soon :)

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