Hi everyone, and welcome. Today I want to finish embellishing my notes on link text, attributes, and nearby content and its effects, as well as define social news sites.

Search engine algorithms are designed also to look at nearby content, anchor texts and 'title' attributes of inbound text links, taking these factors into consideration when indexing the link's destination page. For example if a search engines captures a large number of links including the text 'photo printers' (refer example below), all pointing at the same page, it is more likely to credit that page as highly relevant for people searching for photo printers. When linking internally to another webpage, include the keywords appropriate for that page in the links anchor text and title property. To see the title in effect, hold your pointer over the link (its not a real link btw)

eg: 'Photo Printers'

To help search engines index pages correctly it helps if a link has complementary content close by. This helps explain what the linked-to page is about. Based on the above example here is an example of top-notch linking:

Photo Printer Recommendations (link and title)
Our photo printer experts provide recommendations on the best photo printer for your needs

Link popularity is measured at page level, so it's important to get links to all pages on the site rather than just the home page. Cross-linking between site pages can also help boost the overall link popularity of the site. When requesting inbound links ensure some point-to-content pages deeper in the site hierarchy, not just to gateways and/or top-level pages.

Social content websites are user-driven, aggregating links and other forms of content such as images and movie files that are contributed, and often voted upon, by users. Social content sites enhance the visibility of your site content and rapidly propagate it to a much wider audience, encouraging valuable inbound links and potentially increasing overall traffic - the cornerstone of effective SEO.

There are two types of social content sites particularly valuable to your SEO efforts, social bookmarking and social news sites. Bookmarking sites follow the practice of saving Bookmarks - or Favorites - to a user-driven website and 'tagging' them with keywords. Other users are invited to review these bookmarks and get involved at a more meaningful level, by tagging them in their own social bookmarking profiles or linking to them from their own sites. Most social bookmarking sites work in the same way, the contributing user tags a URL, and other users decide if they want to tag and link to the website from their own.

Social news sites tend to differ to their bookmarking counterparts in that they do not rely purely on user contribution. While some allow users to post and tag any URLs to the site, others such as Slashdot, Mashable and Engadget are led by an editorial team that decides if a URL is worth sharing. Social news sites do still provide many of the same benefits as social bookmarking sites, in generating high-quality inbound links, and increased visibility of linked-to websites.

Thats it for today followers, tune in for another update soon. Thanks for reading and take care.

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