Welcome back everyone everyone. Today I will divulge into some of my guidelines that I adhere to for social content sites.
  • Create fresh and appealing content
  • Optimize the content for search to help taggers to find your content
  • Cross-link between your content and other related material to keep your visitors on your website and hopefully lead to bookmarking other content (I am yet to get around to doing it on this blog yet :P )
  • Include links to other pages on your website/blog. When content is shared via a social site, RSS feed, or other distribution method, these inbound links help to improve your link popularity.
  • Be sure to include links to the social content sites you wish to target. In this way your visitors can quickly and easily 'vote' for your material to be included on that social content site.
  • List or vote for your own content on social sites sparingly, since overuse of this approach is seen by others as spammy it it will likely backfire.
Another important thing to think about is crawlability. This denotes the accessibility of your site/blog to the search engine robots. To index and rank your site pages, these robots must first be able to find them and to do this they follow, or 'crawl' a path of links. Any pages with no links leading to it are not likely to be found. It is therefore important to first consider the navigation on your website or blog and ensure all the content you wish to be indexed is linked. A site map is essential if you have more than two levels of content in your site or blogs hierachy.

  • When launching new sites and blogs, start your link building right away. Tweet about it, FaceBook it, etc. Get the ball rolling immediately.
  • Use link anchor text relevant to the page (using preferrably targeted key phrase for the page) "Our 2009 range"m for example, rather than "for more information" or "click here"
  • When you cannot use keywords in a links anchor text, insert keywords into the anchor tags "title" attribute.
  • Use plain text HTML links wherever possible.
  • Provide alternative access to inaccessible links, like any in JavaScript drop-downs and flyout menus, Flash or any other form of non-static navigation
  • Excepting special circumstances, do not use the "nofollow" attribute in the link tag. It will preven robots from following the link.
And that concludes another snippet of my knowledge. Tune in next post to see how differnt URLs affect site/blog SEO. Thanks for stopping by :)
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