Hi guys, I've had a bit of an exhausting week, and feel a lot of frustration at not always being able to post daily. But as always I will try my best to keep up with what I have started. Now onto my notes regarding the SEO implications of certain URL types.

Secure URLs, dynamic parameter URLs, vanity/marketing URLs and re-directed URLs will usually suffer some sort of penalty in the SEO process.

Secure URLs will not be indexed by most major search engines (by secure I mean https://) so as a result content of these pages will not appear in their results. Make sure material suitable for everyone is available at a standard (http://) type of URL. It is particularly important that the home page of your site starts with http:// otherwise subsequent pages may not be indexed.

Dynamic parameter URLs, which can contain jumpID, sessionID, or a query string. Most search engines will not index these either or at best will use the root page minus the additional parameters. If you have to use dynamic parameters make them appear static (without using the "?" and "=" characters). Exact implementation will depend on your hosting and own technical ability.

Vanity URLs (also known as "go stations" or "marketing URLs") reduce a page's link popularity and rankings because inbound links leading to the page pass through a re-direct instead of pointing directly to the page. Search engines may index both the marketing URL and the real URL, deciding they are two separate pages with duplicate content. At a minimum, this will dilute the pages link popularity and cause the search engines to lower page rankings. Whenever possible, use direct URLs in the link code rather than vanity URLs. Direct links help increase the target page's link popularity and rankings.

Next post my analysis on re-directs and their effect on SEO. On that note, I have recently set up a redirect with a domain I own, be sure to have a look at the address in the browser bar. That's the intended result, and a perfect mask for an affiliate link :) Here it is EzyLotto4U. See you next post.

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