Welcome again keen readers to my latest installment. I want to focus on Twitter, and why you need to be using it now!

Twitter has a membership base of people keen to hear your message, with whom you can network, and to whom you can market your wares. To take full advantage of this free marketing tool you simply sign up and 'follow' other members. As a result you will begin to receiving 'followers'. You build on this foundation.

It is absolutely vital that you are sharing as meaningful information with your followers as possible. Since there is already an immense amount of 'noise' in the Twittersphere you can stand head and shoulders above many others by posting content that is relevant to your niche. Think of Twitter as your window to the world, and your followers your friends. What do you want to tell them? How can you best sell your product wisely and effectively.

When you have established yourself on Twitter you can share all sorts of content (including links to sites) among a huge audience. Whats more, once you have become recognized as an information expert, it is very likely that you followers will 'retweet' your posts to their own networks, thus creating a viral spread of your influence so to speak.

To become big on Twitter you can develop slowly, or invest in aftermarket information and/or software to fast-track your progress. Below are a few programs that I am aware of.

Twitter Traffic Machine - Brainchild of Bill Crosby, professional marketer

Turbo Cash Generator - By Shelly Ryan

Twitter Online System - By Alvin Phang, one of the better put together packages I have seen.

Twitter Annihilation - Heavy on content and detail

ViralTweets - My favorite product, comes 100% recommended. I use this technology regularly

That concludes my brief highlight on Twitter, and power user products that you may find useful. Below is a picture of a power user product I would find useful! Also before signing off I would like to thank my blogs latest followers and subscribers. Thanks for being here! See you again soon!

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