Hello again everyone. Before getting into todays content (which is based on my own knowledge concerning free traffic generation) I want to draw some attention to how successful this blog has become. There are many so-called "gurus" who will tell you that without a dot com, don't bother. Perish that thought. This humble blogspot blog has a PageRank of 2, and has only been online for about three months. Login in to XinuReturns and run the url of this blog to see its backlinks, traffic and other statistics. I also have Google Analytics which helps me to analyze traffic, like whether it is direct, referred or a search engine result. I am glad to report that of direct traffic I have heaps, and more and more is coming from social bookmarking, it really seems to be growing exponentially now! This is also leading to more AdSense revenue, which is truly the icing on the cake. Now lets discuss some of my free traffic notes and how they can help you.

Blog Contests
Contests are nothing new in the online world. Many people have been using contests to get free web traffic for years. However, there is a slightly new twist since the blog revolution that has made running a contest much more effective and fun.

The concept is the same. You come up with a prize (or many prizes) that would be appealing to your blog readers. Of course, offering your own product as the prize would be preferable since you can mention it on your blog (so everyone who sees your contest will also see your product link). But, if you don’t have your own product, you can easily ask around and find people who will donate.

Once you have your prizes, the fun starts. You have several options for your contest.

1. If your goal is to get people to interact, ask your readers to post a comment to win.
2. If your goal is to get incoming links to your blog, and, if your readers are bloggers themselves, ask your readers to blog about your contest (on their blogs) and then comment to let you know they did it.
3. If your goal is to get to know your readers, ask them to complete a survey to win.
4. Or a combination of the items above.

Immediately after you post your contest, send a mailing to each of your ezine lists, letting them know about the contest. You’ll want your loyal readers to have the opportunity to win.

Next, contact your circle of influence (your friends) and let them know about your contest. Offer to do a blog post swap. If they’ll blog about your contest, you’ll owe them one the next time they have something they want to spread the word about.

Then, go and submit your contest to all of the contest websites. Yes, there are sites that list contests and free offers. This is obviously more effective in certain niches than in others, but it is free exposure to your contest. (Search google for “submit contest” & “submit sweepstake”.)

Of course, if you really want good mileage for your contest, you can also post on message boards in your niche with the signature pointing to your contest.

If your wheels are turning… you’re probably also thinking of the possibilities of offering your product or service as a prize to a popular blog in your niche and asking them to run the contest. ;) Good thinking. It works both ways!

Online Radio and Podcasts
Here are some pointers to increase your odds of getting on a show and being asked back:

1. Actually listen to the show a few times before even thinking of contacting the host as a potential guest. Make sure your concept fits into the market that the show reaches. If the show is about Health, then don’t pitch your candy-making cookbook on there.

2. Do something newsworthy or interesting. Are you having a special event for charity? Have you recently won an award? If your idea is timely, you’ll stand out and the host may contact you sooner rather than later.

3. Have something interesting to say. If you just plan to talk about your products, then don’t ask to be a guest. Buy an ad instead.

4. If you have sample interviews or media exposure, tell the host about it in your inquiry letter. Direct her to your media page where you link to past interviews, if you have them.

With the Host or Hostess giving so much to you, what are you expected to do in return?

1. Provide a list of questions in advance.
2. Send a sample of your product to the host before you appear on the show.
3. Tell your newsletter list about the interview and where to find it. Your host will be more likely to have you back if you are willing to publicize your interviews.
4. Blog about your interview.
5. Be a gracious guest and be sure to say “Thank you” when the interview is over. (A gift is also nice.)

Don't worry followers, there is more to come next post. I am actually in the process currently of setting up promotion online for my upcoming free ebook release, which will be based on the content I have been posting to build this Cashflow Strategy. So stay tuned, see you soon!

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