Hello again everybody. As this series nears a close, I wanted to bring some of my best free traffic tips to you. The first one I am actually working on a nearly daily basis at the moment.

Find membership sites and ebooks that are HOT and offer them content. Ride the coat tails of others. Let’s say you are an expert in Raw Food Nutrition. One thing you can easily do is contact every weight loss or fitness membership site you can find and offer to give them either an interview or a report.

Each of these membership sites is looking for ongoing value for their members. If you come through with a great interview or a quality report, you can bet they’ll add it to their members’area, especially if it’s unique to their site. Find one membership site each week and offer them great content. You’ll get your marketing message in front of a lot of very targeted eyeballs who are interested in your topic. Many membership sites archive their content. Be sure to check before you agree to do an exclusive interview to make sure that it’ll be getting exposure for a long, long time.

You can make this offer even more appealing by allowing the membership site owners to use their affiliate link for your program in the report or alongside the interview. How do you find these hot membership sites? Easy. Search google.com for the following terms:

· “keyword club” (example “dog owners club”)
· “keyword month” (example “diabetic month”)
· “keyword join” (example “divorce join”)

Of course, don’t fret if you find ebooks instead of membership sites. That works, too. Find hot ebooks in your niche that are just a little different than yours, but in the same field, and offer them a bonus for their customers. I recommend you search directly in the clickbank.com marketplace for those.

Once you set this up, each and every customer who buys the ebook of a competitor will receive a copy of your audio or report. If you set this up properly, you’ll turn your traffic on autopilot. More google research ideas:

· “keyword report” (example “fitness report”)
· “keyword ebook” (example “recipe ebook”)
· “keyword affiliate” (example “dog affiliate”)

Social Networking comes in many shapes and forms, but the good thing is that it’s easy to dabble in and I’ve, personally, seen great results with little effort. It’s free to try, so there are no excuses. Register at the bigger ones, Digg, StumbleUpon and Reddit.

Next, update your profile on each site you’ve joined, including your URL and photo.
Then, the next time you post something of interest on your blog (or see something on a friend’s blog), you just submit it to the sites above. Many of these Social Networking sites expect you to be an active participant. You’re expected to rate and comment on other people’s contributions. Just jump in and play with it and watch your stats to see what is and is not working. You’ll see the traffic start to trickle in if you play by the rules and share quality information. (Don’t be afraid to have an opinion and stand out!)

Twitter remains my current favorite for building good targeted traffic, as well as building links slowly. Of course, you can make this even more viral by talking about your affiliate program on Twitter or on the Social Networking Sites above. That way, instead of getting one visitor to your website, you’re getting a person who can send you additional traffic. You’re tapping into their lists, their connections, and their traffic instead.

Well guys, one more to go, this has been a whole lot of fun, and i can't wait to compose the information properly and format my ebook and set up branding and promotions. See you next post!

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