Here we are at last. My final installment to the Cashflow Strategy on this blog before I compile the archives into a free ebook. To finish up I want to share some others things I have come to learn recently and how to apply it for quality traffic.

You need to create something buzz-worthy. This is a very fun way to get some buzz about your website.Create something fun and buzz-worthy.
1. Example of Using Graphics Creatively: – 15 hilarious comics about Internet Marketing – some
may hit a little close to home! ;)
2. Example of Using Video Creatively: – a video to promote a family menu planning service.
If you’re not a very creative person, then you can certainly hire someone on to create an item for you. I have out-sourced the promo video at to a trusted third party, and the end result was worth far more than I spent and it was ready in one week turnaround. Once your project is completed, then spread the word.

· Blog about it.
· Tell your lists.
· If you’ve created a video, submit it to and and all of
the other video sites.
· Also submit it to,, and all of the other hot social networking sites for exposure.
· Of course, if you have an affiliate program, set it up so your affiliates can link to your creation, as well!

A General Brainstorm of Traffic Intakes
· Squidoo
· Stumble Upon
· Digg/Reddit/etc.
· Article Marketing
· Ezine Advertising
· Google Adwords
· Craigslist
· Offering Resale Rights
· Webinars
· Teleseminars
· Offline Marketing
· Twitter
· Forums
· Joint Ventures
· Press Releases
· Creating Viral Software & Tools
· PayPerPost
· Utterz
· Viral Free Reports
· Starting your Own Podcast
· Search Engine Optimization
· Blogging

But after compiling this list I have had some more thoughts and will now probably integrate an affiliate system for future ebooks I compile. I came to this conclusion because of the following factors:

· Affiliates would create Squidoo lenses to promote my products.
· Affiliates StumbledUpon pages with links to me.
· Affiliates would post about my free reports on Craigslist.
· Affiliates set up Adwords campaigns.
· Affiliates will blog about my products.
· Affiliates would post on forums with signature links promoting my products.

And when you let your mind wander on this, you may very well delve deeper to see how far you could go setting up your own affiliate network. The reduced stress and burden of sole promotion more than makes the setup of your own affiliate network viable and effective.

And this concludes Tims Cashflow Strategy. Thankyou to all the Followers and subscribers that have been showing up on the regular and sharing around using social media. I look forward to your support in the future when I release the polished PDF report based on this strategy. Before I sign off, I urge anyone who has found the content I have been providing useful to send me a testimonial, with an avatar and your name/url of your choice (no affiliate links) for inclusion into the finished product. Contact me at to follow up and of course I am open to Joint Venture proposals. I would really like to hear from a follower/subscriber/new visitor feedback, I consider it essential qualit control. Till next post.... Peace.
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