Hi everyone! What can I say, I have been really busy! It frustrates me beyond frustration when external factors limiting your time seem to never cease, but a recent realization by myself could mean alot more advertising, with very little time spent at a monitor. We are talking text ad exchanges here, and I wish I had got onto them earlier. The cash bonuses and referral commissions all make great sense, and being paid while you advertise is certainly motivating, trust me!

Over the next couple of posts I am going to go into more depth with the few I have researched to prove to become lasting and viable sources of income as well as worthwhile to invest in upgraded membership, to assist in creating a residual income stream and multiply your traffic volume without viewing heaps of ads yourself. Time leverage is important when you are very busy. You need to make your online time count. The first text ad exchange I want to tell you about is:

Its got a very affordable Pro and Business upgrade, being $3 and $6 a month respectively. At the moment it seems they have a OTO (one time offer) to upgrade to Business for life for the once off fee of $35 USD. I could not help myself. I have already started receiving half cent payments for solo ad views and have already recruited two people from advertising with banners at one traffic exchange.

You really can't go wrong starting your own Text Ad Exchange Crusade with this site. It had 300 members when I joined, making me the 301st member. Join me here to promote your own material, with all the different advertising options available at this exchange and the others I will be showing to you over the next few days, you are bound to see an improvement in the quality of your traffic (as well as quantity), and earn a residual income for your efforts. See you there :D

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