Welcome back everyone, and thanks to the recent followers and subscribers. I have been tied up with additional work and family commitments of late, but, thanks to outsourcing (for promotional advertising) and re-investing some cash made from my online income streams has bought in a semi-autopilot effect, but in the blogging game you got to keep the content as fresh and up-to-date as possible and as often as possible.

Deciding to utilize my limited rostered day off time effectively, I have pre-made my blog posts for the next fortnight, and will upload and ping a post daily, covering the content of E-Whoring, and looking into some online ventures I have become affiliated with. But first, a look into the bold and not squiky clean concept of E-Whoring (I state again that I have moral objections to making money this way, but knowledge is power, and I like to share, even if its not my Latte).

To start with, in this sort of industry it is better to be feared than loved. Appealing to love or honesty as an E-Whore would be shooting yourself in the foot. The desires you would need to appeal to for success would be base human nature desires: greed, fear, sex and jealousy. I guess you could also call these prime movers. They are elements of psychology that need to be triggered for best conversion.

Now to give an example of E-Whoring. It involves impersonating a girl looking for sex, and posting classified ads on Craigslist or profiles on community sites (Twitter has had alot of this recently). When the guy responds, they are re-directed to a dating site, which you than make commissions for the sign-up(s). The current favorite program that helps to cash in on this niche is CraigsPimp, which handles everything for you and offers daily payouts based on how many people respond to your ads. Apparently absolute noobs have made some easy dollars using the aforementioned tactic.

There are many ways to be sneaky with porn or sex related topics, and getting traffic to the links. The following methods are reputedly viable:
  1. TypoSquatting. A very easy task, but often comes with alot of competition. The idea is to register domains that are typos of popular sites. For example: "googl.com, adultfriendfinde.com". Surfers accidentally type in the misspelled domain and get redirected to a porn site affiliate program. Immoral and unfriendly.
  2. Tube Marketing. A simple yeet powerful way to siphon traffic from adult sites to adult affiliate programs. You'll need to download some adult videos from tube sites (or other porn sites, torrents etc). Then re-code the videos with a domain that redirects your traffic to an adult affiliate program.
Well there you go, a summary on one of the pre-dominant "trying to make money" niches. I am sure for those that don't feel morally or ethically ravaged about the idea can make a supplemental income, maybe even ding big if they can be innovative and introduce some automation and widespread advertising. As for me, I am sticking to PTC, affiliate/CPA (for non-porn related industries) and Ad Sense revenue. Its not big money, but its clean ;) See you next post.
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