For those that like the concept of blogging or creating content rich sites, I have assembled a list of niches that work well with high paying and converting affiliate programs, and AdSense. You can of course other means of monetization on these hot niches.

- Anxiety and Panic Attacks
- Flat Abs Diet
- Muscle Building
- Solar Water Heaters
- Acne
- Vegan Foods
- Teeth Whitening
- Childhood Education
- Diabetes
- College/University Information or Reviews
- Natural Skin Care
- Fruit Baskets
- Beach Weddings
- Dog Walking
- Golf
- Learn Spanish
- Stress Management
- Anti-Aging
- Weight Loss
- Wedding Speeches
- Green Smoothie
- Latte Art
- Divorce
- Veneers
- Hawaii Honeymoon
- Prevent Heart Disease
- Anger Management
- Goal Setting
- Time Management
- Arthritis
- Cosmetic Surgery
- Quit Smoking/Smoking Replacement
- Yoga
- Vacation Homes
- Feng Shui
- Boston Whaler Fishing Boat (weird one isn't it?)

Of course if you are a "guru" in your own eyes or treated as one by others for any of these above niches, you could also consider running your own info-product based on your experience. Got alot of things to catch up on, see you all again soon.

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