Hi all. This last week or two has stretched me to the penultimate. Never before have I experienced so many bad events in a short span of time. Things in general are good, but increasing workplace demands on the wife and I (and the news of a third child) has made me re-analyze my online ventures and how to get in better traffic to build cashflow down-lines. Fortunately a great time saver and effective traffic tool/income stream are Text Ad Exchanges.

My previous post spoke of Real Cash Money Text Ad Exchange. However after checking CTR and the actual distribution level, Clix4Profit has become my recommended first start to your own needs. It allows upgrade with points and the upgrade will only increase your ad points and cash intake substantially, and that is without referrals. I am making 35-45 cents a day from my activities on the site, and from reading solos and super solos to my inbox regularly.

Using an ad exchange allows you to fine-tune your delivery context and pre-sell, and it is incredible for list-building (which I wasn't really in belief of), so I have to say, with the ability to get hits, cash and build your list all from a free to join text ad exchange (with upgrade with points option) makes it a no-brainer. Get onboard with Clix4Profit with me, I know you will thank me :)

Next post I will bring you in on another new starter, that may herald a huge influx of traffic and popularity (and with that, profits), so keep an eye on your feeds. I'm back in the groove, and I want to get the content my subscribers have subscribed for. Till then, peace.

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